In his works, Heidtmann examines forms and expressions of exploration, collaboration, and communication. He is fascinated by space technologies, mirrors, and questions of visibility and observation. As an artist, his journey is to explore and connect the mesh of spaces and technologies that surrounds us. He uses materials, shapes and techniques from the fine arts along with space science and engineering to transform them into tangible outer space experiences happening in the gallery or public space. Heidtmann combines traditional aesthetics with new technologies such as Augmented Reality to create installations and objects that are often interactive and engaging. Interactions vary from the more obvious to arcane. He builds ephemeral solutions for site-specific requirements, as well as autonomous pieces.

The long-term project PLACE IN ORBIT*, which he started in 2017 in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, involves satellite-inspired interactive objects. In various exhibition setups, such as PSLV-C37 and NOW – A Kinetic Life, they are communicating with each other and the visitor using light, sound, sensors, and Augmented Reality. In the frame of this project, he founded the space art hackathon SPARTH to seek innovative ways of collaboration. His latest endeavour constitutes an artistic framework that unites interactive sculptural installations with a dynamically generated virtual layer, using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence systems. Through human-machine interaction, it poetically intertwines spaces and people in a constantly changing input-output environment.