Thomas Heidtmann Studio


2017 | Interactive Object

The piece consists of two objects in different spots of a space. The first object captures sounds to isolate voices which are then analyzed by several layers of speech recognition. They get synthetically reproduced by a speech synthesizer at the second object.

Through these artificial intelligence systems, words, sentences, and meanings get changed, modified or lost. They alter our perception of reality and the intellectual correspondence of human minds.

Antenna_01 Antenna_02

The objects are inspired by experimental military TV and radio antennas used at the beginning of the 20th century to receive long-distance signals of radio frequencies. A metal antenna-like shaped attachment sits on top of a wooden tripod. The objects are communicating via WiFi through Raspberry Pi microcomputers which are connected to the internet.

Originally created for the exhibition “Serious Sparkles. An Inquiry into Artificial Stupidity” during Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM at Lacuna Lab in Berlin, Germany.