Thomas Heidtmann Studio

Berlin Calling

2016 | Large-scale Video

The piece was created by Marcel Schwittlick and Thomas Heidtmann dedicated to the ISEA 2016 Open Call for the Open Sky Gallery kindly supported by Goethe-Institut Hong Kong. The work consists of three sections which symbolize the creation of connections.

At first, two poles strive to engage, connect each other via initial sparks. While these sparks and connection lightning increase in number, a surface emerges, creating space for a layer of figurative communication. The Berlin TV Tower, the unofficial symbol of Berlin’s non-existent skyline, broadcasting the message “Hi” in morse code over the three sides of the ICC Tower in Hong Kong City. After this interlude, a number of nodes appear, establish into a network and develop a momentum of movement, exchange and interconnection.

BerlinCalling_01 BerlinCalling_02

The art piece is an invitation for communication between people, cities and artists. It is intended to bring a message from Berlin to Hong Kong and eventually, to extend a form of messaging across other cities around the globe.